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"Free How-To-Guide Reveals 10 Golden Secrets on
How To Quickly And Easily Meet and Seduce
a Lonely Married Woman"

Dating a Married Woman

The search of married women for dating is a very common and discussed topic, especially in recent times, when the trend of free relationship is gaining momentum. If for man the search of lady on the side of a more common situation, a woman who is looking for a secret admirer is a different matter. So why some married women prefer having lovers on the side?

For men, everything is simpler: polygamy is inherent in their nature, and they usually do not consider sex to be a betrayal - rather simply detente, at least at the beginning of secret intimate relationship. For ladies, the specifics are somewhat different. Most women decide to go looking for a lover not immediately after marriage, but after they begin to feel a lack of attention from their husbands and look for emotions that they don’t have in marriage, etc. Only after that a married woman decides to find a lover.

The reasons why a married woman is looking for dating on the side

Features of the behavior and nature of her husband

When a husband behaves rudely with his wife, the woman begins to look on the side of understanding. However, it also happens that the outward sullenness of husband is certain feature of his character. Perhaps he loves his wife, but considers the manifestation of emotions a weakness, not a worthy behavior for male. Therefore, he does not show tenderness, his deep feelings for her, so the woman thinks that her husband is insensitive and does not love her. And she begins to look for the missing feelings with another man.

Lack of attention

Excessive interest in cars, fishing, football, men's gatherings, etc. and lack of attention to his wife. Self-esteem of a woman falls, but as soon as the other man who is able to give it to her appears, she finds herself in his arms.

Quarreling and offenses

Women seldom forgive offense, especially if it is betrayal. Because husband’s betrayal  breaks woman’s heart which is impossible to cope with and the most women can’t get out of depression. Therefore, many deceived women are easier to compensate the pain from the betrayal of a spouse with a similar revenge.

Desire for romance

Quite often, the search for a lover is associated with a lack of romance in a relationship with her husband. Especially often this happens with young couples who live together less than a year.

Sex dissatisfaction

Sexy underwear, dinners with candles, a bath of rose petals - all the efforts of woman do not lead to a successful result. Without foreplay, without pleasure, sex lasts 1-2 minutes. The husband considers this normal but woman has nothing to do but seek satisfaction on the side.


Where to Look for a Married Woman to Date

1. Street. The most courageous and self-confident man can try this version of dating. So he can quickly make sure whether a married woman is interested in dating or not.

2. Work. This is a fairly popular place, as people work with each other so they already have something in common and they spend a lot of time together.

3. Shops and shopping centers of any kind. There men can naturally talk to a women and gently invite them on a date.

4. Gyms, dance sections, fitness centers, swimming pools. Ideal places to find attractive married mail order bride as those who attend such places, as a rule, have a good figure and are very attractive.

5. Interest clubs. For example, riding club or any other. Great place to meet a nice woman. After all, the common hobby is a good reason for dating. Therefore, it is worth choosing a hobby for one’s soul and go to the club where lot of people like the same things.

6. Marriage agencies and various dating services. On such services men and a women choose each other, based on their qualities and preferences. There are also specialized sites designed for dating married people.

How to Approach a Married Woman

Every woman has her own idea how she wants to be loved and how the man of her dreams should look like:

  • First of all, to get a married woman man has to pay attention to his appearance. A woman may not make acquaintances, refuse to communicate, if a man looks untidy, in crumpled trousers or dirty shoes. A pleasant aroma of toilet water, washed, well-ironed clothes and polished shoes – that’s what each woman likes in men.
  • Ladies prefer confident men who know exactly what they want from life. However, man shouldn’t be too self-confident, as women don’t like it, but only will push them away from male’s personality.
  • A man, before who seeks married women dating should carefully study her image, hobbies, interests, so that he could keep up the conversation on an interesting topic.
  • Women prefer optimists with a good sense of humor. Therefore, it is reasonable to say appropriate compliments, show the admiration towards her. Another plus if the partner has intelligence, understands any subject, can keep the conversation going.
  • Don’t forget about dates, little gifts, amazing surprises, invite to restaurants with delicious cooking but do not overdo it.


The Pros and Cons of Dating a Married Woman

Positive side

Less risk

In the case of married woman dating, the risk of rolling scenes, scandals and leaving the family is much lower than in the unmarried one. Especially if she is interested to keep this connection in secret.

Breaking up

In case of quitting relationship, it is easier to do this with a married woman than with a free one. Married probably will not break into scandals, will not sort things out in public and constantly call her former lover. While there is always such a risk with a free woman.

Lower requirements

It is much simpler with a married mistress: forgot about a birthday date, give rare while with unmarried ones in may cause many problems. After all, she seeks to get everything at once.

Financial expenses

A married woman will not call, demanding money for a new car, because the old one has broken. In addition, there is no need to pay long bills for designer clothes or to buy a studio apartment.

No health risk

Dating on the side is always leads to the risk of catching a certain disease. However, with a married mistress, this risk is much lower. A married lover will not change partners, like gloves, in fear that the husband may find out. Moreover, she does not have much free time and energy to get several lovers at the same time.

Other benefits

Such relationships are most often guarantee interesting communication and pleasant sex. Such a connection can even sometimes give an impetus to one of the partners to develop themselves and improve their own lives. In addition, the absence of domestic troubles and problems that require time and effort for solving remain in the family, and here is a celebration of freedom and romance.

Negative side

Change of intentions

At first, any man does not make serious plans. However, even without them, there is a lot of stressful situations. And if he falls in love and decides to marry already taken woman, he will literally walk on a minefield. Indeed, besides the feelings, women can be held back by children, social attitudes, fear of condemnation of others.

Woman wants something serious

In addition, if a woman has an affair with man on the side, there is a high probability that she is probably seeking a new serious relationship with the prospect of creating a new family.

Both have different goals.

If the motives of men are purely entertaining, it can lead of serious problems. If a woman really loves her lover, then most likely, sooner or later she will come to divorce from her husband. And a man may be dragged in the center of a grand family drama. Especially if this drama is burdened by the need to divide children tied to both parents. Then the drama risks being stretched for many years ahead.

How to Make the Next Move

For those who want married women dating it is important to draw up a plan of action beforehand in order to make the best impression at the first meeting. This can seriously affect future relationships.


1. Feel free to approach and contact the woman of interest. Do not think that she will immediately refuse or just laugh at you. On the contrary, married women most often appreciate brave and persistent men. Nevertheless, make sure that the woman is not in a hurry and is not busy with any important business. If she slowly walks through the park, with a calm or even bored look, sits at a table in a restaurant, feel free to approach her and start a conversation.

2. Greet the woman with a confident tone and ask permission to meet. Smile and keep a calm look. Give her a small compliment. For example, ask what such a beautiful woman does here alone or why does she feel sad or bored.

3. After exchanging a few words with a woman and making sure that she is interested, ask her mobile or home phone number. Say that you would like to talk with her and arrange a meeting in a romantic atmosphere.

4. Try a more elegant and effective way of dating. Make the woman want to talk to you more closely. For example, ask her to help choosing a gourmet dish or wine in a restaurant, a gift to a colleague in a mall, and so on. It is also reasonable to approach married woman in the store and ask her to help choosing a gift for your mother or friend just make a company.

5. Sign up at one of the dating sites if you prefer online chatting. It will help to find a companion taking into account various aspects such as interests and even place of residence. A significant advantage of this way of finding married women is that women in social networks are already initially set up for acquaintance and romantic relationships, however, to make an impression and successfully arrange a date, man has to try and make his profile as bright and interesting as possible.

How to Impress a Married Woman

First of all, it is good to find out how much she loves her husband, if it turns out that she doesn't mind spending the weekend with another man, or a neutral attitude towards her husband slips in her behavior, then this is a sign that she is completely considering the best option, then it will be easier to get her. It happens that a woman is still in doubt and refuse the tempting offers of another man, then it turns out that it will be harder to win.

It is required to find out what she lacks in marriage. It happens that a woman needs passion, as the romance of relationship fades away with time, and the husband no longer tries to look like a nice guy and his wife thinks that she is no longer attractive. If the husband himself is not able to return the romance of the relationship, then someone on the side can give it, there is a high chance that the woman will take advantage of it. In addition, on the contrary, if a man comes home drunk and wants unceasing passion from his wife, then she wants more romance and warm male attention. Finding out exactly what a married woman needs, what emotions she lacks, a man will be able to get her easily - while giving her all that she needs.

A man who thinks about how to meet married woman, should be interested and remember absolutely everything: her tastes and priorities, what she loves, admires, in what places she has not been for a long time. Accordingly, make conclusions and act according to her wishes.

Before to start making the first moves, it is necessary to make sure that the woman herself paid attention to the man, and she has at least a little attraction. For this man needs to try spending more time with her. If a man wants to make a woman in marriage happier, then he should let her know that he is interested in her personality, and not just intimacy for one night.

Moreover, there are cases that a woman does not want to end her marriage, she is only interested in a light novel, in which there is no obligation. Women themselves do a small check for this: they refuse the man to spend the night and look at the reaction. If he, despite the refusal, does not fall into despondency, but remains the same positive, cheerful and interesting guy, then this is a sign that he does not want to tie himself to a serious relationship as well.

Tips and Points to Remember

1. A man should have his own life and his own interests. Married women, as a rule, fall in love only with those men who have their own lifestyle and behavior, evoke involuntary respect from them. Therefore, it is reasonable to be an interesting and self-sufficient person and show it to a woman.

2. To gain woman’s trust, and in order to reduce the psychological distance, man needs to try to become a friend for her, to show her support on which she always can rely on, especially if she has problems in married life with her husband.  

3. Love and passion should be expressed not only with words, but also with the help of looks, gestures, facial expressions. Therefore, in order to kindle a mutual passion in the heart of a woman, male needs to look into her eyes more often with a look that expresses the whole force of feelings.

4. In order for a woman not to be sad and not to be bored, the man should always have jokes and funny stories with which he can cheer her up and lift her mood.

5. In the case of falling in love with a married woman, do not make rash decisions without considering the situation from all sides and not weighing all the consequences.

6. It is better to be prepared for the fact that meetings will be a rare thing. On holidays, evenings, on weekends - she will stay with her husband, so the woman is the one who will decide when to meet and how often to do it.


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