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You don't need to be rich, good looking or drive a Porsche to get insane amounts of dates with women. You just need to know the dirty little secrets the "dating gamers" use.

What are dating gamers? Also known as "players".

Those are the not so good looking guys you see walking down the street with a beautiful woman on their arm. You know, the kind of guy who makes you think to yourself "how the hell did he get her?".

Well boys, today is your lucky day!

To make a long story short....

It's all about knowing what to say and how to say it; And there is this guy who reveals all the dirty secrets that are going to get you so many dates your friends will think you are a God!

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And the best part is he explains things so clearly that it makes getting tons of dates extremely simple for any guy that thinks his looks are holding him back.

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